Factcheck.bg is an initiative of the Association of European Journalists-Bulgaria. Its team is committed to verifying facts in current news, speeches and social media posts and thus supports the efforts of journalists to provide verified and reliable information. Because the strength of the established media is in quality journalism, based on fact-checking.

"Media literacy online - lifelong learning" is a training program of the Media Literacy Coalition, aimed at the so-called "newcomers" on social networks. The training builds skills and attitudes in older people, that increases their ability to better navigate the world of digital media, to distinguish sources of information, to protect themselves from risks and malicious behavior and content. The leading trainer in the program is the well-known and recognized journalist Mirolyuba Benatova.
In the spring of 2021, we conducted a survey related to the media "diet" and the development of media literacy of Bulgarian children by targeting parents and reaching nearly 1,200 people across the country. In this video, we present the objectives and some of the key findings from the study in a synthesised form. The analytical report that accompanies the study can be found in the Resources [Research] section of the official MLC website Gramoten.li
"One to one" is a model of organization of the learning process, built on an innovative system combining technological solutions (hardware and cloud services), digital competencies (of teachers and students) and methods of teaching and learning of a new kind. The model is one of the leading projects of the Center for Creative Learning - a member of KMG and the only partner of Google and Lego for education in Bulgaria.

The educational platform "Knigovishte" was created in response to two alarming trends - the low reading literacy and media literacy of Bulgarian children. "Knigovishte" is the first Bulgarian online game of reading comprehension, and recently became a home to "See" - the first online media with news for children, which is based on the established model of learning through a game of "Knigovishte". Its premiere took place within the campaign Media Literacy Days 2021. "See" helps to develop children's critical thinking, their interest in the world around them and their media literacy.

Project of the Center for Safer Internet Bulgaria. A series of five animated video lessons designed for students of different ages. The topics are presented in accessible language and in a fun, interactive way, involving the audience in active participation. The individual episodes present some of the most serious risks online, especially in terms of child safety - cyberbullying, screen time, digital fingerprints and intrusion into personal profiles.

The project of the Association for Career Development and Education combines an online course on media literacy and structured training of 36 librarians/activists from 20 community centers in the Plovdiv region and the establishment of civic journalism clubs with active members of the community centers. The media literacy course and guide for the work of a civic journalism club developed within the project were provided to 3,600 community centers in Bulgaria and other interested civic organizations and educational institutions. The project is implemented in partnership with Norsensus Mediaforum, Norway, and Aleko Konstantinov Community Center in Plovdiv, with the financial support of Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway under the EEA Financial Mechanism 2014-2021.

Project of the Association for Career Development and Training, implemented in partnership with Media Education Lab, USA, Sofia University, and the Department of Information and Teacher Training at Thracian University. Within the project a training course for current and future teachers for the application of a methodology for teaching through media literacy was developed. The project is implemented with the financial support of the US Embassy in Bulgaria.

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